Islamic offers


Our Islamic offers

All investors of our project have the opportunity to participate on these packages.

Islamic A
Starts from $100 to $1,499
The percentage ranges from 4% to 6% per day.
The duration of the plan is 30 days, including the capital.

Islamic B
It starts from $1,500 to $5,999.
The rate ranges from 30% to 35% per week.
The duration of the plan is 5 weeks, including the capital.

Islamic C
Starting from $6000 to unlimited.
The rate is 40% to 50% per week.
The duration of the plan is 8 weeks, including the capital.

How To Participate?
  • 01

    You Must Registered Member

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    Login to your account

  • 03

    Visit the deposit Page

  • 04

    Select a plan

  • 05

    Make a deposit

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